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There are many ways to perform a stress test and different tests may well give different results.

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Online Test

If you are a frequent visitor to, this will not come as a surprise. Stress is an individual thing and one single test cannot speak for all.

I try to give as much information on all the different tests out there on these pages.

Stress Test Types

If stress was something doctors or physicians could measure for everybody in the same way, nobody would be in doubt and we would all follow the same path to stress relief.

The truth is, however, that many measures have been established... and many more have been discarded!

So please, do not go and shed hundreds of dollars on a stress test gadget that does nothing but measure you pulse and display it to you in a stressful manner!
I'm not saying that it won't work for you … we are all different. But take your time to do a little research - it won't cost you a penny! ;)

And remember; nobody has any quick fixes. If stress is a problem for you, the only one that can help you is you.

But enough with the ranting…

The Online Tests

Online Stress Test you might have seen one these already. Crazy, flickering ads with "Test Your Stress in 8 Seconds Online. CLICK HERE!!!"... Right next to "See What Superhero You Are, CLICK HERE!!!"

It makes me sad. The internet used to be a place for genuine information made by real people. Now it seems everywhere you go things get hyped up for nothing. Stress is serious!!

The good news is that scientists HAVE made scales and tests anybody can use - even online. I have made the Holmes and Rahe Test available here for adults AND teens.

The difference is that these tests have around 40 questions for you about your stressors. This test only backs up the fact that stress is individual - and we can only say so much about it in general.

Type Test. This test is designed to test how your behavior will affects the effects stress has on you. It's simple and easy to do - and many learn a lot from it. Try out the online stress type test here.

Heart Tests

Adenosine Test is a heart stress test where images are taken of your heart while is it being stressed with the adenosine. Many people are confused about how this works, so I created this page to try and keep it all a bit more clear 'n' simple... no 'isotope' or 'oxidation state' talk here...

Thallium Test. The thallium test is often considered THE test because thallium is the drugs used to actually see what is going on inside your heart. It is a heart test as well, and is often see used together with the adenosine test.

Cardiac Test is simply another word for heart test. I made the page as an overview of the different types, because many are confused about the different terms. And when it comes to the heart, you do don't want to fool around!

Treadmill Test. Again we are talking about measuring the same thing with different techniques. Your physician will often choose this method if you are otherwise healthy.

Are They Useful

As you can see there are many ways to measure how your heart is doing. And it is also important, if your heart is constantly stress or you have a heart disease such as coronary heart disease, it is very important to get the diagnose.

However, the general stress of our lives cannot be put into one box.

The stress tests are very useful in their own ways. But if you feel stressed, I would advise you to take the online stress tests here and see whether you potentially are stressed.

Remember, this test is a guideline and although I base it on scientific research it is not a one-size-fits-all. We are all different, and my goal is for you to be able to observe and recognize stress in your life. Hopefully that will lead you to realize that you don't have to be stressed.

Take the online test here or take the online stress behavior type test here.