Thallium Stress Test

The Thallium Stress test is really what all the heart stress tests are all about. Thallium is the drug that is injected when you reach you maximum exercise level during a stress test.

So calling it a stress test, is really somewhat misleading.

Thallium is just the drug physicians use to make the images of you heart visible to the camera. The actual stress test is done in other ways, usually on a treadmill or bike. So calling it a stress test in itself may give the wrong impression.

Other drugs can also be used as contrast drugs in a heart stress test.

The thallium test (let's call it that for now) works in the same way as the other heart stress tests. By doing exercise the heart is stressed and by looking at the images from the test and the time after the test, doctors can determine whether there are any problems with your heart.

Remember, that this test is just one of many heart stress tests, and a heart stress test must not be confused with a test for stress level in your life.

You can take the online stress test if you want to test your level of stress.

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