Signs of Stress

Stress comes in many forms and so the signs of stress are also varied. The signs are what you can see and feel when you are stressed.

Not all of the signs will be visible to you. Many people only experience one or two kinds. It is, however, a good idea to be familiar with the different signs if you have stress - even just a little.

I you know what to look for you won't be surprised by your stress and the risk of buckling under it will be decreased. I'm not saying that you instantly become an expert stress therapist - but if you know the signs of stress you will have a definite advantage.

Physical Signs of Stress

These are what the doctors often talk about - how your body is dealing with the stress is crucial knowledge.

It is not always easy to decode (understand) the physical signs however; did you know that stress can make you feel cold if instance? The stress can ensure blood flow to the vital organs and make you consume less energy and so making you feel cold. Most people would discard this as a curiosity and not give it any further thoughts.

Read more about the physical signs here - there are many more!

Psychological Signs

These are what the therapists often talk about - how feelings and emotions are affected by stress.

They are often very difficult to see, as these signs often seem to be explained fully by some other events. Stress can cause anger and indecisiveness - but what you feel is nothing else than your neighbor being an idiot or a choice being very difficult (these were just examples of course, I am sure you have wonderful neighbors!).

Being able to see that stress may be the actual cause of anger can be super hard and will often require a lot of practice.

Read more about the psychological signs of stress here.

Behavioral Signs of Stress

These are the signs that most will discover first!

Stress can have a huge impact I many ways, but often little things like asking the same question twice are what is seen first. Can you honestly say that you haven't tried that?

Another common behavioral sign is systemizing: Putting a lot of actions into systems before your brain is ready to make it a habit. Can you honestly say that you haven't tried that? ... or did ask that already?? ;)

Look here for more info on the stress signs in behavior.

Acute Stress Disorder

Acute stress disorder is a reaction to stress (a stress response) that leaves the "victim" somewhat paralyzed and unable to react to the situation.

Often you will see other signs along with this acute one. Though it is often harmless the experience can have a big impact on you and the way you see yourself. The most important thing is to learn from the experience so that you in the future are better prepared in similar situations.

Read on here...

The Severe Signs

Stress is a natural thing. We have to accept and live with it. I often try and tone down the stress-hype a bit because I think there is too much panic about the subject.

There was a time where you bought a car because you needed to cover a great distance. Nowadays that car has to be safe, baby-proof, environmentally friendly and be economic and sporty and cool and so on and so no. Many things that used to be quite simple are now exceedingly difficult to manage.

So we DO become more stressed. And there are at least some signs that are too serious to be treated with stress relief tools or techniques or maybe completely ignored: Read more about them here.

Stress Chest Pain

A lot of people feel chest pain and become very alarmed. But pain is pain, whether it is in your calves or your chest.

Stress can trigger chest pain, and it is scary. But unless you have a preexisting heart condition you should not be alarmed. Read more about stress chest pain here. If you fear you may have a heart condition; ask your doctor for a heart stress test.

Sweaty Palms...

... Is a surefire sign of stress. And often you can see it with even the slightest amount.

While it is nothing to be afraid of - it can be quite embarrassing and annoying. Read more here.

If you want to get and overview of the stress in your life; you have got and

explore the causes of stress here or you could take the online stress test here.