Severe Signs of Stress

I spend a lot of time telling that stress should not be feared. The severe signs of stress, however, should be taken very seriously.

While we all have stress to some degree every day and most of us will experience more intense stress in our lives at least a couple of times, it is often not anything to fear. Stress is both a good and dangerous thing, read more here.

Much of our stress can be diverted or relieved using simple techniques anyone can learn ;)

Every now and then, however, I hear the sad story that someone has succumbed to stress because they did not recognize the severe signs of stress.

If you see any of the following signs...

  • Sudden and frequent anxiety attack that triggers violent or very defensive actions that you have no control over.
  • Constant tics, tremors or shivers which are so severe your daily life is affected; such as insomnia.
  • A very high blood pressure coupled with ringing in the ears, migraine and "seeing spots".
  • If you feel so stressed that you throw up or pass out

... Alarm bells should ring. My best advice is to take some time off and go see your doctor. These signs are too severe to ignore and should be dealt with ASAP, preferably with a combination of several stress reliving treatments.

There is a good chance that people having these severe signs may suffer from a stress related disease. Unless you are certain about your condition and know how to handle the situation, please go see the doc'!

That is all I have to say - if you see these signs it is a job for the professional health specialists. Come back later when you have the situation under control.

See the difference between the severe signs of stress and the effects of stress here.

Remember; only very few people ever have these signs. I have only seen these severe cases a couple of times, so there's no need to panic!