Treadmill Stress Test

The treadmill stress test is the most widespread heart stress test. The purpose is, as with all the heart stress tests, to measure the blood flow in your heart during and after exercise.

The treadmill test can be performed with any type of exercise. If you are scheduled to have the test performed and you want to know more about it, you can call your doctor or clinic and hear what type of exercise you wil have to perform.

If you cannot walk or run for example, there are other ways to do the test. Like the adenosine stress test.

When you are doing the stress test, the point is to get your heart racing at your maximum exercise level. At that point, a contrast drug like thallium will be injected and in the time following (depending on the exact type of test), pictures will be taken with a special camera. With the pictures, doctors can diagnose heart problems.

Remember that a test might as well give you good results. And while the treadmill test cannot be used as a measure or your stress - your heart is very affected by stress in your daily life. So knowing if something I potentially wrong with the heart can benefit anyone.

Note that I am not a physician and provide this information due to popular demand. If you have any medical questions or concerns, I strongly advise you to seek professional medical help.

Have you had a heart stress test?

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