Adenosine stress test

The adenosine stress test is a heart stress test. I have included some information on the procedure here, but your doctor can tell you a lot more about it if you are scheduled for such a test.

It is not a test that measures you stress directly, however, the adenosine test is the method doctors use to diagnose potential heart problems.

Your heart is very much affected if you are under stress: Your heart pumps both faster and harder, so knowing whether something is actually wrong with your heart can be very helpful if you are trying to combat stress. See more about the effects of stress here. The test takes around 5 hours. And the purpose is to find potential blocks to the blood flow. In other words, you will see if your heart is in any way constricting the flow of blood.

This is done by taking pictures with a special camera while your heart is under stress.

Adenosine stress test uses the drug adenosine to stress your heart. Other drugs are also involved to make the pictures show up on camera; these can be drugs such as thallium or sestimibi.

The adenosine test is usually used for people who have difficulty walking, and so cannot use a treadmill stress test.

Find out more about adenosine stress test and thallium here.

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