Heart Stress Test

A heart stress test - also known as a cardiac stress test, does not measure your stress directly, but it is a good indication of how well your heart can handle stress.

You heart is being affected by all the kinds of stress we have in our lives. Therefore, understanding whether your heart can handle the stress well or not can be very helpful! - This is where the heart test can make a difference!

A stress test of the heart can be done in several ways. The most common method doctors use is with a treadmill, a contrast drug such as thallium and a special camera that can take pictures of your heart as it is under stress.

If you are unable to stress your heart by walking or running, other forms of tests can be performed by a doctor or other physician.

The test is designed to see how well your heart responds to stress and this can help in diagnosing heart problems. Remember, that a test might also give positive confirmation that your health is fine.

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