You're Type B

You have mostly type B behavior, now what does that mean?

In general:

  • You have clear sense of what to do with your time
  • You are an easy going person
  • You are a less competitive nature
  • Your success comes from good social skills (ability to interact, perceive others)
  • You have a good sense of self-worth
Does this mean that I am not stressed out?

No, sorry, it does not!

We are all affected by stressors in our lives but if you are showing mostly B-type behavior, then your behavior (your reaction to stressors) will not cause more stress to build.

Your behavior acts as a pillow that absorbs a lot of the negativity that stress causes. In other word; you are better off than type A's when dealing with actual stress.

Being mostly B-type; you are likely to have a lot of support from your friends, so let's say you experience a stressful event like losing your best friend. Then your behavior causes friends around you to be more supportive than if you had an aggressive/competitive nature.

As a B you are blessed with an (on average) lower chance of stress related diseases. But stress is still dangerous and like everyone else you can benefit from learning to see the signs of stress and learning to cope better when stress sets in.

When you can see your behavior, you will know how to take the necessary steps. Like reducing you stress.

Learn more about the effects of stress and type B behavior here, or check out the signs of stress here to learn what to look out for.

I hope the test helped you to learn something about yourself - please remember that it is only a test!!