You're Type AB

You are one of the few type AB who have equal amounts of type A and B behavior.

This means that you have both characteristics in your behavior; you might feel very relaxed about your time and know how to use it (a typical B-type) but also feel that you are very competitive and always want to win (a typical A-type).

You cannot, however, say then that you are mildly stressed. This test does not work that way unfortunately. The stress type test tests you behavior and from that behavior you can say something about how your reaction to stressors is.

A type A behavior will amplify a stressor while a type B behavior will lessen its effect.

To see what where you're type A and where you're type B, look below and look for where you feel the "traits" matches you.

Type AB Traits
Type A Behavior Type B Behavior

You are competitive and have a shorter fuse

You have clear sense of what to do with your time

You can easily get annoyed and even angry

You are an easy going person

You tend to be aggressive (not necessarily violent!)

You are a less competitive nature

You expect a lot from yourself! Often too much which can lead to dissatisfaction with yourself.

Your success comes from good social skills (ability to interact, perceive others)

You are a high-achieving nature!

You have a good sense of self-worth

You speak rapidly and often interrupt or break off a slow conversation.

Does this mean that I am not stressed out?

You tend to be focused one time and how to do things quickly. This is knows as hurry-sickness.


Now you should have a clearer picture of where your type A and B behavior is. Use this information to better know when you're creating positive or negative behavior. If you can replace some of the negative behavior with some of the positive - you have taken a big step!

Remember, that stress affects us all! Nobody is excluded. If you have causes of stress in your life, you will potentially get stressed, but...

When you can see your behavior, you will know how to take the necessary steps. Like reducing you stress.

Learn more about the effects of stress here, or check out the signs of stress here to learn what to look out for with type AB behavior