You're Type A

You have mostly type A behavior, now what does that mean?

In general:

  • You are competitive and have a shorter fuse
  • You can easily get annoyed and even angry
  • You tend to be aggressive (not necessarily violent!)
  • You expect a lot from yourself! Often too much which can lead to dissatisfaction with yourself.
  • You are a high-achieving nature!
  • You speak rapidly and often interrupt or break off a slow conversation.

    But most importantly...

  • You tend to be focused one time and doing things quickly. This is knows as hurry-sickness.
As you can imagine, type A behavior is easier to spot in men than women. Women can have just as much A-type behavior than any man but women tend not to show the behavior as much.

This may be due to testosterone (the male sex hormone) or it may be due to girls being taught not to show aggressive behavior. I favor the second explanation ... maybe because I myself am an A ;)

As a person showing mostly A-type behavior you should have a higher chance of stress related diseases than type B's. But remember, no one can say whether this will actually affect you!

And there is help available when you are stressed. The test you just took told you something about how you behave in general and the good thing is that behavior is easy to spot.

When you can see your behavior, you will know how to take the necessary steps. Like reducing you stress.

Learn more about the effects of stress and type A behavior here, or check out the signs of stress here to learn what to look out for.

As a type A your main focus should be on time. How do you treat your time? Are you often in a rush? Are you often trying to do more things at the same time?

This negative time focus can send you spiraling down an ever more stressful path; because when you feel the time pressure, it increases all the other stressors in your life.

I hope the test helped you to learn something about yourself - please remember that it is only a test!!