Teen stress test

The teen stress test below

is for teenagers and to some extend also children. I generally do not encourage parents to try the test with a child, because it is impossible to recognize stress in another person.

Instead I would recommend that you seek out a pediatrician or maybe a child psychologist if you are in any way worried about your child.

If you want to, it is interesting to compare the events in the teen stress test with the ones in the adult stress test. Look how different they are.

And also try and look at the factor: the factor is how important the event (to the left) is. So if an adult loses their spouse (the husband or wife) it is 100 in stressfulness, for adults this is the most stressful that can happen to them.

If you are a teenager - check out the list below here. You can see that teens actually have two things that can happen to them with a score of 100.

Also look at the very bottom of both lists. For a teenager the lowest factor (or score if you like) is 26, but for an adult it is 11.

This means, that teenagers can be more stressed than their parents. It does not mean that you are, but you have higher factors attached to the events that can come in your life.

Actually, if you do a little math on the numbers you will see, that the teen stress test has a score that is 148% of the adult score. That means that you can be almost one-and-a-half times as stressed as your parent are. Crazy right?

Feel free to try the stress test below, but remember. It is not the end of the world if you are a little stress, everybody feels stressed now and then.

It is a good thing to talk to your parents if you feel stressed out, or if everything just becomes too overwhelming a times. I guarantee you, your parents have felt the same way - and they were also teenagers once!

Teen Stress Test

The test is made in a way that you have to think about the past year of your life. The point is that you try to remember everything that has happened in the past year (yes I know it can be hard) and you then check the "Yes" by every event that has happened to you in the last year.

The Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale Test For Teens

Expiriences in the past one year?




Unwed pregnancy 100
Death of parent 100
Getting married 95
Divorce of parents 90
Acquiring a visible deformity 80
Fathering an unwed pregnancy 70
Jail sentence of parent for over one year 70
Marital separation of parents 69
Death of a brother or sister 68
Change in acceptance by peers 67
Pregnancy of unwed sister 64
Discovery of being an adopted child 63
Marriage of parent to stepparent 63
Death of a close friend 63
Having a visible congenital deformity 62
Serious illness requiring hospitalization 58
Failure of a grade in school 56
Not making an extracurricular activity 55
Hospitalization of a parent 55
Jail sentence of parent for over 30 days 53
Breaking up with boyfriend or girlfriend 53
Beginning to date 51
Suspension from school 50
Becoming involved with drugs or alcohol 50
Birth of a brother or sister 50
Increase in arguments between parents 47
Loss of job by parent 46
Outstanding personal achievement 46
Change in parent's financial status 45
Accepted at college of choice 43
Being a senior in high school 42
Hospitalization of a sibling 41
Increased absence of parent from home 38
Brother or sister leaving home 37
Addition of third adult to family 34
Becoming a full fledged member of a church 31
Decrease in arguments between parents 27
Decrease in arguments with parents 26
Mother or father beginning work 26