You Stress Scale is 300+

You are potentially very stressed!!

You may be very stressed and a lot of things have been on you mind in the past year. You are a risk of illness caused by stress. I would advise you to seek professional help and use a variety of techniques to try and get your stress under control...

Your Stress Test Score is above 300!

You Scored 300+ - Wathc Out

... But don't be frightened. You have taken the first step. You are on your way to a less stressful life. is dedicated to provide you with the best help and support possible!

The test tells only if you have experienced events that can cause stress to build. Whether you in fact are stressed or not, is another story.

With this score you should ask yourself how big you problem is and if you may need medical help! I would advise you to see your doctor in any case, and use the guides, help and techniques on my site only after that. Read more about reducing and relieving stress.

Remember, the test is just an approximation. Stress is an individual thing and affects us all differently!

You have experienced many things that can knock you off course; watch out for

the signs of stress.