Cardiolite Stress Test

The Cardiolite Stress Test works in the same way as the other heart stress tests, also describes on these pages.

I have included a little information on Cardiolite Stress Test here, due to popular demand: A lot of people have heard about Cardiolite and want to learn more about it from a neutral source.

Cardiolite is owned, and I have to provide that information when I write about it, like everybody else.

I strongly believe that your own doctor is the best judge of which procedure to use, if you are to have a heart stress test.

I will not promote any medical procedures and will not discredit any medical procedure.

The Cardiolite Test is very common and used a lot. The basic purpose is the same as any heart stress test: To take images of your heart while it is being stressed to gauge the blood flow.

It is easy to see why a many people are getting confused over the different terms for heart stress tests while they all basically do the same thing. Click here for more on the different stress tests and heart stress tests.

The test can aid your doctor(s) in diagnosing different heart problems, especially heart and stress related diseases.

But remember, a test may also give the result that you hope for. A healthy heart that is not easily affected by the negative effects of stress.

A Case Study

I would like to provide a quality, first-hand experience in this site.

If you have had, or are about to undergo, a Cardiolite Test and would like to share your experience and help other, I would be happy to hear from you and include your story on this page.

So please send me an email if you have had a Cardiolite Stress Test or if you feel you can contribute to the information I provide

Best wishes, David