Anxiety Treatment

There is more than one good anxiety treatment out there - I have outlined some of them here but as always I urge you to see a doctor if you haven't already if you think you might be suffering from anxiety or panic attacks.

If you want a bigger view on anxiety go here.

Talking About It

Without going all-out hippie; one of the most crucial things to do is talk about it. Make the issue known to your loved ones. While it is not necessary for a cure it will help and guide you through the situation.

By knowing what is going on - the people around you are able to support and in some ways protect you, maybe by taking over some of the tasks that causes fear.

If you have a spouse, relative or friend suffering from anxiety, you can do a lot for that person by "being there", helping out in their daily life a bit and making sure he or she does not develop any new conditions (like drug abuse or depression).

Another good anxiety treatment if you are together is couples therapy or simply following your friend to the appointments.

Therapy and Psycho Therapy

Therapy is a great anxiety treatment and it is good to see that more and more doctors choose this option as their first. You don't need an appointment made by your own doctor, you can schedule an appointment directly with a therapist, it is however a good idea to talk to your doctor first. There might be other options more suitable.

A great deal of anxiety is caused by our brain. Anxiety is the state of over-readiness from an irrational fear. The fear is created by us so therapy is a very helpful treatment.


There are of course many medications out there to treat anxiety - I am not a medical doctor, and so I will not try and teach about the differences or strengths and weaknesses with drugs. Your doctor can tell you much more about it if medication is the best treatment option for you or your loved one.

Most medicine use as anxiety treatment is antidepressant or tranquilizing drugs such as Valium, Anafranil, benzodiazepines or Cipramil.

There are various effects and side effects from the drugs - and there are a lot of them!

There are even several categories of medicines so it is easy to understand why we so often hear stories of patients having tried hundreds of different medical treatments and still has not found the right one.


In rare and severe cases hospitalization is called for as treatment...

...While often followed by counseling and/or medical treatment a hospitalization can in itself be an anxiety reliever: It takes the person away from everything in their daily lives and so hopefully also their anxieties and fears.

What Can You Do Yourself?

There are several things you can do yourself to try and treat anxiety. As stress is connected to anxiety and the two often intensify each other; a good way to start is by learning to relieve stress and tackle it in your daily life.

Learn more about the signs of stress and learn how to use stress relief as anxiety treatment here.

As a general reminder I would like to say that we all have fears in our lives - there is no reason they should become anxieties however. If you have anxieties don't lose hope!!